Picsure Accepted to TechStars

With picsure being less than two months into the making, we have already experienced more than some startups have in a year!  That’s great news, yes, but it’s also a lot to comprehend – a lot.  In less than six weeks, we have been able to interview developers, we have committed to an awesome group of guys who have already created our MVP, we reserved a feature spot in WedBiz Magazine, and most recently celebrate our founder, Terry Roberts getting accepted to one of the most prominent startup accelerators in the nation, TechStars!

TechStars has been known to accept only 1% of all applicants.  Given its presence on Bloomberg’s Reality Show and its impact in the startup world, you can imagine the number of entrepreneurs trying to beat down the doors to get in to such an elite program.

Terry will be spending three intense days at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, working closely with and learning from TechStars Mentors, Alumni, and other industry leaders such as David Cohen and Brad Feld!  These men and women will help Terry fine-tune the critical components needed to get picsure off the ground as well as formalize his pitch on Demo Day!  This will be our first opportunity to present the app to investors from around the world!

So what’s next, you ask?  Execution.  With picsure launching in less than a few weeks, it’s quickly getting to crunch time.  Between now and then, we will be finalizing all legal efforts (for obvious reasons), forming an advisory board, and prepping for the required logistics that will need to occur in order for you to print your photos!

Stay tuned!  We’re on our way to changing the way we share life.


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